Headquartered in Northern Virginia, Publications Professionals LLC serves clients throughout metropolitan Washington, DC; across the nation: and around the world.


From editing and proofreading to typesetting and indexing, Publications Professionals LLC offers a vast number of services and solutions for publishers around the globe. We are experts in the use of American English and in adhering to your preferred style guide. How can we help you?


Established in 1988, Publications Professionals LLC has three decades of experience in the publishing industry. Client specialties include economics, education, and environmental issues, plus health, international development, and a vast range of topics.

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Publications Professionals LLC is a full-service editorial firm that is located in Fairfax, VA, and has recently opened a branch in Silverdale, WA. Since 1988, Pubs Pros has specialized in offering high-quality editing, proofreading, indexing, typesetting, and writing services.

As your partner and as a member of your team, we can oversee and manage your publication from working with your authors through all the production steps including typesetting and presenting files for print or electronic publishing.

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Every project is unique and with Publications Professionals, we can make your project shine. Since each project is unique, we can and will employ our best freelancers, editors, and employees with the best skills to reach each milestone and benchmark.

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From editing and proofreading to project management and typesetting, Pubs Pros can provide the best for your project!

Pubs Pros is a woman-owned, veteran-owned, small business, where we are there for you every step of the way for your project. We have kept our business small over the life of the business, our approach is hands on, specialized, and with our clients in mind.

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Pubs Pros is a woman-owned, veteran-owned, small business, which means it receives three checkmarks from the US government. From its infancy in a dedicated office in the founder’s basement, Pubs Pros has experienced gradual and controlled growth, which included moving into commercial property in 2010.

Pubs Pros expertise spreads the gamut, from editing to proofreading all the way to production management and typesetting. Inquire with us today to begin your editing journey.

Before being added to the freelancer roster, our editors and proofreaders must successfully pass a 3-hour battery of tests. We verify the background, experience, and knowledge level of the people assigned to work for you.

Although Pubs Pros started by offering only copyediting and proofreading on paper, we have progressively expanded and added other services such as the following:

• Developmental and substantive editing
• Production editing
• Copyediting or line editing using track changes
• Checking websites and web content for quality
• Proofreading either PDFs or hard copy
• Handling project management
• Working directly with a client’s authors
• Recording and writing conference notes
• Transcribing meeting notes
• Indexing books or journals
• Designing publications, from newsletters and brochures to book interiors
• Typesetting for print or digital presentation
• Helping a client create a house style
• Finalizing publications for print or electronic distribution

Serendipity played a vital role in the formal establishment of Pubs Pros on the 29th of February, 1988. As a result, staff members often smile when asked how old the company is. If our birthday occurs only every 4 years, will we be 30 years old in February 2018, or will we be 7.5 years old?

In January 2000, Pubs Pros purchased a competitor: Communications Connection Inc. Several of CCI’s clients and contractors are still active.

In 2017, we established a branch office in Silverdale, WA.


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